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General terms
Traduction anglais => français : qualité, professionnalisme, respect des délais, confidentialité, tarifs compétitifs ~~~ English => French translation : high quality, timely delivery, confidentiality, competitive prices


General terms of service


Each order placed implies for the Customer a complete and unreserved adherence to the present general terms of service, to the exclusion of any other document.

No particular term can prevail against the general terms of service; allowing for definite and written exceptions listed on the firm order form.

Each provision of a service carried out by the Provider implies for the Customer the adherence to the present general terms of service.

Orders / quotes

Each order placed by the Customer is preceded by a free quote, made out by the Provider, on the basis of the provided documents to translate.

The Provider sends the quote to the Customer by mail, fax or e-mail.
The quote specifies among others :


·  How many pages or words are to be translated ;

·  The translation target language ;

·  How the translation price is determined. The translation can be invoiced as following : Fixed-sum for the all of the translation; Time passed to carry out the translation; On the basis of the rate in force defined by the Provider and implemented the day when the quote is made out: on the basis of the number of source words (that is to say the number of words contained in the document to translate), or the number of pages of the source document. This account is proposed by the Microsoft’s software “Word” (Tools, Statistics).

·  The translation delivery time ;

·  The format of the document to translate, if the Customer asks for a specific layout ;

·  Possible price surcharges that may be implemented because of the urgency of the translation, specific terminological researches to do or special demands made by the Customer.


To confirm his order in a complete and unreserved way, the Customer must send the quote without any change to the Provider (by mail, or by fax signed with the mention “agreed to by” when the quote has been sent to him by fax or mail, or by return of e-mail with the expression of his consent when the quote has been sent to him by e-mail). The Provider reserves the right not to begin the translation until he receives the quote acceptance.

The quote would be made obsolete if it is not accepted within 3 months, from the date when it has been sent (in accordance with the terms defined above). The Provider (after he has informed the Customer of his decision), reserves the right to surcharge the price and/or not to respect the time of delivery that appears on the Customer’s order acceptance in following cases :


·  If documents are changed or added by the Customer after the quote has been made out by the Provider.

·  If the provider doesn’t have the documents to make out the quote.

·  If the quote must have been made out only on the basis of a rough number of words and an extract of the content of the document.


If the Customer doesn’t give his definite consent on the delivery and/or invoicing new terms, the Provider reserves the right not to begin the translation. The Customer is responsible for charges incurred for the translation (vocational travels, consignment of mail by express post, etc.), unless the contrary is specified in the quote.

When the Provider can’t send a quote to the Customer, the translations is invoiced in accordance with the usual price given by the Provider.




In order to prove the quote acceptance, the Customer acknowledges considering as an equivalent to the original and as a complete evidence, the fax, e-mail, copy and computer support.




Each order which total amount is exceeding 1000 euros can be submitted to a deposit which amount will be mentioned in the quote. In that case, the Provider will begin the translation after the deposit receipt.


Delivery time


The delivery time mentioned in the quote is applicable on the condition that the Provider receives all the documents to translate, and the Customer confirms his order in accordance with the terms defined previously within three days from the receipt of the quote. After that time the delivery date can be revised depending on the workload of the Provider.


Commitments of the Provider


The Provider does his best to translate the documents the most faithfully regarding to the original, and in conformity with the custom of the profession. He does everything possible to take into account and to integrate in the translation the information given by the Customer (glossary, plans, pictures, abbreviations….). The Provider accepts no responsibility for incoherencies or ambiguities in the original document. The Customer has the responsibility to check the technical coherence of the final document.


Commitments of the Customer


The Customer commits himself to putting at the Provider’s disposal: all the documents to translate, all technical information necessary to a good comprehension of the document, and, if necessary, needed specific terminology. If these commitments are not respected by the Customer, the Provider wouldn’t be responsible for possible no-conformities nor for a delivery date exceeding.

The Customer has 10 working days from the receipt of translated or reread documents to indicate in writing a possible disagreement regarding the quality of the translation. After that deadline, the translation will be considered as carried out and no contesting will be taken into account. Consequently, the Customer admits to consider as an evidence of the delivery, every acknowledgement of receipt sent by mail, fax or e-mail.




The Provider commits himself to respect the confidentiality of information brought to his attention (before, during and after the translation). On request, the original of translated documents are sent back to the Customer.

The Provider is not responsible for information interception or misappropriation during data transfer, particularly on the Internet. Consequently, the Customer must inform the Provider (before or when the order is placed) about the means of transfer that are to be respected in order to guarantee the confidentiality of all sensitive information.




The translation is delivered by e-mail on Word format. On request, it could be delivered by fax or mail, with a CD-ROM. All other mean of transfer or format must be previously agreed between the Customer and the Provider and could be subjected to a surcharge of price.




In any way, the Provider is only responsible for the amount of the concerned invoice.

In any case the Provider will not be responsible for claims on nuance of style.

Delivery times are given for information only. If they are not respected, the Customer can’t ask for late payment penalties. In any way, the Provider is not responsible for direct or indirect damages brought to the Customer or to a third party because of a delivery delay; especially delays due to cases of absolute necessity, or to fax, modem, e-mail, mail problems of delivery.


Corrections and rereading


In case of disagreements on some points of the translation, the Provider reserves the right to correct this one in cooperation with the Customer.

When the translation is intended to be published, the Provider will receive the proof in order to reread it.

Each correction or rereading will lead to a surcharge of price, unless the contrary is specified on the order.


Terms of payment


Invoiced are made without discount, and must be paid within 30 days from the date when the invoice is drawn; unless specific conditions are specified on the quote.

In case of payment by cheque or bank transfer coming from foreign countries, all banking or exchange charges would lead to a fixed surcharge specified on the quote, or would be passed on to the Customer.

In case of payment delay, current orders could be interrupted until the complete payment, and the Customer would owe the Provider (without prior formal demand) penalty interests.

The translation is the property of the Provider until the complete payment.


Intellectual property


Before the Customer gives the document to the Provider, he must be sure that he is allowed to do it. He must be the author of the original of the document, or he must have the written authorization from the author of the document.
Otherwise, the Provider won’t be responsible for the documents given by the Customer if they don’t respect the law of intellectual property or of any third party or every applicable regulation. If the need arises, the Customer would assume, on his own, possible injuries and the financial consequences that could ensue from his act of negligence.




In case of the invalidation of a current order, whatever is the reason, noticed in writing to the Provider, the work already done would be invoiced to the Customer on the rate of 100% and the rest of the work on the rate of 50%.