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Services and areas of expertise
Traduction anglais => français : qualité, professionnalisme, respect des délais, confidentialité, tarifs compétitifs ~~~ English => French translation : high quality, timely delivery, confidentiality, competitive prices

Services :

  • Translation : I work on all types of documents (books, guides, articles, booklets, etc) for companies as well as individuals. I guarantee high-quality work that is delivered on time. Prices are firm and competitive. 
  • Proofreading : (in terms of style, terminology and so on) for translations and for all kind of documents written in French.

Areas of expertise :


·        Economics : reports, studies, press articles, etc,

·        Commercial & business : contracts and business letters, presentations, reports, newsletters, articles and press releases, calls for tender,

·        Marketing : advertisements, advertising literature, leaflets, brochures, personal letters, emails,

·        Technical : user's guides, directions for use, maintenance manuals, manufacturing specifications, technical handbooks, plans, etc,

·         Miscellaneous : popularization works, general (letters, CVs), etc.